Injection Conditions for POM

Injection conditions for POM:    


Pre drying condition
Injection condition
Resin temperature(°C)
180-210°C, lower than 230°C
Mold temperature(°C)
Before process Acetal polymer (POM), please read the related MSDS which provided by TITAN PLASTICS. Acetal polymer (POM) will produce gas while it decomposing, the main is Formaldehyde. Besides, when injecting / extruding or decomposing in barrel of machine, it may lead to High-pressure accumulation, which is very dangerous. So when process Acetal polymer (POM), please obey below item:
1. When residence time in barrel is over the limit, please clean the barrel immediately.
2. While stop the machine, please clean all the resins in barrel, then stop the barrel heater.
3. Please only use Colorless polyethylene , Transparent polystyrene or dedicated cleaners for POM to clean. Do not use any other resin. To avoid the air pollution in workplace, the cleaning out resins should be immersed in water immediately.
4. Do not mix POM with Dye / additive which is not appropriate, and do not mix with different resins or different grade resins. It will lower the thermal stability of POM, and Decomposing easily.
5. Keep Barrel, nozzle, hot runner and other high temperature zone not remain any resin. It may result in Combustion or decomposition of resin. If it happens, please clean the remained resin with safe and complete way immediately.
6. Providing adequate ventilation at any time, keep safe workplace.

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