About Us

Titan Plastics Compounds Co., Ltd was founded in August, 2005 by a team who has more than 22 years working experience and enthusiasm in Taiwan 's compounding field. We are customer-oriented company in providing special, high value-added compounding services and solutions to thermoplastic users.
When customer works with us, Titan Plastics provides all-around services including material development, product design, molding technology and assurance test, etc. We perform as trusted partner for our customers by the processes of communication, consideration and cooperation.
As our company name, we provide a variety of plastic compounds ( plastic pellets/ granules ) to thermoplastic users. In POM and PA-compounds, we have strong engineering and expertise with following grades. For POM products, the trade mark is named “TITACON” ,the trade mark of other product such as PA.PC and advanced engineering plastics are named” TITALON”.

Operation Statement :
1. Upgrade the technology of plastic compounds in Taiwan
2. Create value for customers, employees and social commitment & responsibility, quick delivery, quick response, best service & quality, reasonable price, customer-oriented product